The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare business process improvement.

Introduction: Artificial intelligence in healthcare business process improvement

Artificial intelligence in healthcare business process improvement, has a huge role to play in global healthcare. Almost 50% of the global population doesn’t have access to key health services. Mainly driven by poverty, those who can’t cover the out-of-pocket costs, end up avoiding treatment for as long as possible.

UNCTAD statistics show that to keep up with sustainable development goals, more than $140 billion should be spent yearly between 2015 to 2030. Investing in artificial intelligence is expected to bridge that unaffordable health service gap to reach underserved patients. That leads to one question. What is the role of artificial…

Introduction: The role of artificial intelligence in education

The role of artificial intelligence in education: AI is a booming technological domain capable of changing various aspects of the education system. The global Artificial intelligence market in education is forecasted to reach $3.68 billion. That’s a 47% boost of CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) from 2018 to 2023.

The role of artificial intelligence in education can be seen boosting efficiency, productivity, and convenience, providing the sector with a range of different benefits. I compiled a list of the 5 ways AI can revamp the education industry and bring some amazing transitions.

The role of artificial intelligence in education.

Simplifies Grading and Administrative Duties

A significant portion of working time is spent…

The role of AI and its impact on the future of work.

Introduction: AI and the future of work.

AI and the future of work: By the end of 2021, artificial intelligence is estimated to provide $2.29 trillion in value for businesses throughout the world. In the same timeframe, an estimated 75% of all enterprise applications will take advantage of artificial intelligence and related technologies. About 80% of new technologies introduced now also use AI at its foundation. In one , 71% of leaders in organizations reported AI as being a true game-changer in the modern world.

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In this post, we take a look at how artificial…

Introduction — The role of artificial intelligence in boosting automation.

When talking about artificial intelligence, automation is often one of the focus points. A large number of AI technologies focus on improving the process of automation. The goal is to minimize the need for human input while also using AI to improve the effectiveness of automating various systems. Research shows that artificial intelligence is currently one of the fastest-growing markets and by 2025, the market will reach an estimated value of $126 billion. There’s no doubt it will continue to grow in the future as companies are increasingly turning to AI to help automate a variety of their processes.

The role of artificial intelligence in boosting automation

What Is AI-Based Automation?


Introduction: What Is Geometric Deep Learning?

Deep learning is gaining increased interest in several industries. This field forms part of machine learning. The idea behind deep learning is to take cues in the way the brain functions. The structure also mimics that of the brain. The resulting system is an artificial neural network.

Deep learning has numerous branches, usually measured by the dimensions of the field. While Euclidean data comprises of representations in 1D and 2D depths, geometric deep learning is based on the principle of 3D. …

Introduction: How Artificial Intelligence Chooses The Ads You See

In just four years, business usage of artificial intelligence has grown by 270%. A majority of leading business ventures have existing investments in the field of artificial intelligence. There is no denying that the development of AI is driving the world forward.

If you have ever browsed the internet and later saw an ad about something you searched previously, then you witnessed artificial intelligence in action. One of the main challenges that advertising agencies used to face was matching ads with the right audience. Through artificial intelligence, this now happens automatically based on your interests. …


Artificial Intelligence, short for AI, is the hallmark of the modern era. Basically, AI refers to the imitation and replication of human patterns of intelligence. Despite being around for some time now, artificial intelligence remains relatively mysterious for a lot of people.

The role of artificial intelligence in disinformation and stopping it.
Artificial intelligence and disinformation — Character vector created by vectorjuice

From their choice of food to their music taste to their political affiliations, the individual and collective human intelligence have become quite decipherable for modern science. Integrate this knowledge of human behavior with machine learning and voilà! You can basically depict, mimic, predict, and control human behavior.

However, neither the development nor the use of AI has been…


Artificial intelligence is a very complicated topic. That might be one of the reasons why the real estate business is one of the last sectors to adopt it. Morgan Stanley states that real estate is the second least digitized sector globally. However, now just like many other businesses, AI is transforming the landscape of the real estate industry. Additionally, according to the Forbes report, AI is estimated to add a staggering 15.7 trillion US dollars to the world economy by the end of 2030. Artificial intelligence in real estate is a major contributor to the US economy. …

Introduction: The Impact of AI on Workspaces.

For years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was an idea adapted into science fiction movies. But that’s not the case anymore. The advancement of technology over the years has made the impact of AI on workspaces a reality. Today, it’s an integral part of organizations and the way we work.

AI can improve several processes in modern organizations. From workplace productivity to cybersecurity. It betters business processes and everything else that makes humans ineffective today. With that said, let’s dive in and see the impact of AI on workspaces.

The Impact of AI on Workspaces
The Impact of AI on Workspaces | Freepik

Responsive Buildings

Artificial intelligence can automate buildings and make them responsive, adaptive, agile, and smart…


Humans can trace the foundations of their social and economic development to the time when agriculture developed. To this day, the agriculture sector serves as the base of the world’s economy. With an ever-increasing population, the agriculture sector will only grow, but it faces a problem. This problem requires a smart solution and the role of artificial intelligence will be critical to solving this problem. The role of artificial intelligence in agriculture steps up in other supplemental areas of agriculture to lift the entire agriculture industry.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture.
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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Arguably, the forefront of human technology is currently artificial intelligence. We’ve already seen AI…

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