The role of AI in workspaces.

Introduction: The Impact of AI on Workspaces.

For years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was an idea adapted into science fiction movies. But that’s not the case anymore. The advancement of technology over the years has made the impact of AI on workspaces a reality. Today, it’s an integral part of organizations and the way we work.

AI can improve several processes in modern organizations. From workplace productivity to cybersecurity. It betters business processes and everything else that makes humans ineffective today. With that said, let’s dive in and see the impact of AI on workspaces.

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Responsive Buildings

Artificial intelligence can automate buildings and make them responsive, adaptive, agile, and smart…

The role of AI in agriculture will be critical for our future.


Humans can trace the foundations of their social and economic development to the time when agriculture developed. To this day, the agriculture sector serves as the base of the world’s economy. With an ever-increasing population, the agriculture sector will only grow, but it faces a problem. This problem requires a smart solution and the role of artificial intelligence will be critical to solving this problem. The role of artificial intelligence in agriculture steps up in other supplemental areas of agriculture to lift the entire agriculture industry.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Arguably, the forefront of human technology is currently artificial intelligence. We’ve already seen AI…

The role of artificial intelligence in web design.

Introduction — artificial intelligence in web design.

In this digital day and age, web development is progressing unprecedentedly. We all want feature-packed, scalable, and secure web design because of the growing desire for customized content and enhanced experience. In simple words, the end-user now prefers highly personalized UX and smart web designs. For that matter, tech industry players and large enterprises are leveraging artificial intelligence in web design of their applications.

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According to a Forbes report, 84 percent of the responding business owners believe that AI has the capability to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. …

Role of Artificial intelligence in Architecture.

Introduction: Artificial Intelligence and Architecture.

Artificial Intelligence and architecture will come together to solve challenges with housing, the way we live, and cites. About 55% of the world’s population is living in urban areas or cities. By 2050, that figure is estimated to rise to 68%. Experts are expecting a dramatic upswing towards cities, which will cause countless megacities to form around the globe.

This change calls for large-scale infrastructure, innovation, and inclusion. Recently, all the attention is focused on artificial intelligence and architecture. AI, as a discipline, is imbued in multiple fields, providing people with new methods and means to solve difficult challenges.


The role of artificial intelligence in journalism.

Introduction: Artificial intelligence in journalism.

Artificial intelligence in journalism is now a reality. Artificial intelligence has entered almost all aspects of our lives, including journalism. Due to the advent of digital media, we unknowingly consume content based on artificial intelligence everywhere. Whether it’s YouTube’s recommended videos, your Facebook feed, or the kinds of advertisements you see on regular websites, they are all specially catered to you with the use of AI.

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Similarly, AI is now entering the field of journalism, too. Due to social media’s influence, the role of artificial intelligence in journalism has increased significantly. …

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